End of Tioii

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Dear visitors, techfans and readers, From January 1st, 2019 Tioii, the English version of Erik Bouwer's techblog Toii, will stop. The original blog (in Dutch) will continue with new articles on tech, data, innovation, digital and more, [...]

Algorithms, Internet of things and PSD-2: recipe for disruption in retail

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Real innovation often comes down to unexpected, new combinations from unexpected places. What are the ingredients for total disruption in the consumer market? New laws and regulations for banks, the Internet of things and artificial intelligence. This mixture produces solutions that connect precisely with what consumers want: convenience, fast and real-time service provision – always available online. Read More …

PSD-2 and GDPR: the struggle for personal data starts here

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The financial sector must share data, and at the same time the authority of citizens and consumers over their own data is being reinforced. With the arrival of two new, complex sets of European legislation – PSD-2 and GDPR – digital society will become even more complex. The struggle for personal data – or should we call it a data market? – starts here. Read More …

The future of outsourced contact centers

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Companies are preparing for a new wave of computerization. The use of virtual reality, artificial intelligence and chatbots are at the top of the wish lists, according to a news article by Oracle. Customer interaction will also radically change again in the upcoming period. The role of live agents will not become less important. On the contrary. But the volume of live contacts will decrease. This puts the business case for outsourcing customer interactions to outsourced contact centers – the service providers through which companies can conduct their customer contact – in a different perspective. Read More …