about Tioii

TioiiThe purpose of Tioii is to signal and to interpret new developments on the intersection of technology, business and society. Tioii is curious, analytical, critical and tries to make a clear distinction between trends and hypes. Suggestions and/or feedback is always appreciated.

Tioii is the global version of Toii.nl, a Dutch independent technology blog that started in 2012. Toii deals with topics such as the data-driven relationship between companies and customers, and how economies deal with the technology race. Both blogs are managed by Erik Bouwer, a business and tech journalist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Since 2000, Erik has been publishing about online business, innovation, technology, privacy, big data, internet of things, cloud, 3d printing, drones, robots, speech technology, smart cities, connected cars and the impact on society and HR. He has been working for a broad range of companies and magazines about ICT, customer experience, knowledge management, HR and boardroom topics.

Blogs can be part of a commercial campaign. When part of a (sponsored) campaign, this is indicated at the end of a blog post. Sponsors can, at most, determine the main subject of a blog; the content will always be original and independent.

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