3D printing: where is the promised revolution?

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During the past few years, as computer systems are becoming more powerful, the price of 3D printers is declining. At the moment, there is even a 3D printer that can be controlled by a smart phone. Companies like Shapeways have entered the professional printing services industry. Nevertheless, you still won’t find a 3D printing hub on every corner of the street, we still don’t go to the printing store on a daily basis and it’s not exactly a fad to buy your own 3D printer. Is the 3D printer really the second most important innovation after the printing press? Read More …

Who owns the smart city?

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People are working hard on the ‘internet of everything’, which is actually more than just a collection of connected ’things’. The internet of everything results in massive data production, in which larger cities take the biggest share. In cities, there are lots of people and businesses, resulting in maximum connectivity. The internet of things can be seen as the driver for smart cities. Does that include smart citizens, too? Or are other stakes more important? Read More …